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The descent through the stream of the Júcar River as it passes through Sumacàrcer, a watercourse that gave its name to the region. Video recorded in 360º. Videos recorded in July 2019. 2 km route. The river stops at the crossing of an island known as Argoletja. It is a natural site recovered in 2006 for ecosystem protection. It has resting areas, picinic and litter bins. The river runs with sufficient flow to be traveled by inflatable boat in the summer months. The river ecosystem is rich in terrestrial and aquatic plant species such as water gardens of reeds, juncus, blackberry or bogas, as well as poplars or willows, as a proof of the biodiversity of Xúquer. In parallel to this route there is a walking path: the ecofluvial itinerary of the Franc (low difficulty, 1.4 km) that has educational panels on the history, biodiversity, river uses and flora and fauna of the area. The riverbed is not a guarded area and streams pass through it. Please exercise caution and act responsibly.

The path through Sumacárcer corresponds to the lower course of the river, after leaving the Tous reservoir, it reaches its maximum flow of its entire route (49.22 m3/s) in the Masía del Mompó). The flow of Xúquer (Júcar) depends on seasonal rains. It attains its maximum in this area during the fall, with the temperature drop. Due to the torrential rains, it can reach the 2nd highest level of flow in Spain, after the Ebro river. It feeds artesian springs (ojos del Río Verde), the Júcar - Túria Canal (intended for irrigation). Several ditches leave from Xúquer in Sumacàrcer as is the case of the Real Acequia Escalona. Further down the route we find important cities such as Alzira, Carcaixent, Algemesí, Sueca or Cullera. The uses of the river throughout its route are varied: electricity production (Cofrentes), drinking water, river navigation, irrigation, sport fishing, recreational canoeing and tourism. The Xúquer is a river widely used and of great economic value compared to its flow.

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Sumacarcer. The urban core is surrounded by the river, on a fluvial terrace. The bridge was only built in 1990, the river was previously crossed by boat or by footbridges. Sumacárcer received the "boat and toll" concession from Alfonso the Magnanimous in 1413, and received royal authorization to hold the fair in 1695.
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