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The Mancomunitat de municipis de la Ribera Alta offers a digital catalog of the region's heritage with RIBERANA. Using different formats such as virtual tours, 360 videos, photographs, 3D, ... several elements are shown as part of the rich natural, archaeological, bibliographic, museum and intangible heritage of the municipalities of La Ribera. RIBERANA is the result of the participation of the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta in the Interreg Europe CD-ETA project and the creation of the Heritage Digitization department, with two objectives: the dissemination and the digital preservation of the heritage.

The catalog of digital elements of RIBERANA is being constantly updated with museums, natural places, oral heritage,… The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta has documented its work and published a guide of the department of Heritage, so that other local entities can replicate our experience. The guide describes the methodology used and is available in English, Spanish and Valencian.

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The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta, in collaboration with other partners from different European regions, is part of the European Interreg - Europe CD - Eta (Collaborative Digitization of Natural and Cultural Heritage) project for heritage digitalization. Since its participation in the program, the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta launched a new Department of Heritage Digitalization, a Pioneer experience, for the conservation of the cultural and natural wealth of the Ribera.

The purpose of The Department of Digitalization and RIBERANA is the digital conservation of the heritage of the municipalities, the enhancement of its value for cultural and touristic purpose and its diffusion for educative consultation. The department can count on human and technical resources for recording, treatment and cataloging.

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