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360º/3D VIDEOS

In this section the user can find different videos recorded with 360 and 180 camera with stereoscopic vision, made by the digitalization department of the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta. During the course of the video, you can move within a 360 degree radius by dragging the cursor across the screen (in the case of stationary equipment). When viewing with mobile phones or tablets, rotate the device to turn around. A more immersive experience is achieved with the support of VR glasses. For a more extensive description of the element, click to see it in its original platform (Youtube)

La Murta in winter 360º

Mont Calvari Ermita de la Murta 360º

Murta in summer

La Murta in autumn 180º

La Murta in autumn 360º

Coloms Tower

Medieval fridge. 3D

Murta aqueduct

Xuquer river. Path. 1

Xuquer river. Path. 2

Xuquer river. Path. 3

Vídeo 360 Cullera bay and lighthouse - Ribera Baixa

Cicloruta: Camí de la Taronja 1

Cicloruta: Camí de la Taronja (short version)

Ullals Riu Verd (Benimodo)

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