Digital library of the heritage of Ribera Alta

The Mancomunitat de municipios de la Ribera Alta offers a digital catalogue of the region’s heritage through RIBERANA. With different formats such as virtual tours, 360º videos, photographs, 3D, … various elements that are part of the rich natural, archaeological, bibliographic, museum and intangible heritage of the municipalities of La Ribera are shown.



Section dedicated to the municipal natural sites of Ribera de Xúquer. It includes different virtual tours of places such as La Murta, Alzira, the Salines de Manuel, the Camí Natural de l’Antic Trenet, the Ullals del Riu Verd, the muntanyeta of Alberic or the cycle route “Camí de la Taronja”. Discover the natural environment of La Ribera by exploring its spaces.

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La Ribera has a rich archaeological heritage, some of them are protected as Assets of Cultural Interest. Some examples are the Arabic Towers, the hermitages, palaces and even Roman remains found in l’Énova. Other important cultural objects are the  Napoleonic battery or the Bridge of the KINg in Gavarda, heraldic shields and medieval walls.

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The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta offers an interactive version of some books about the region such as “The Ribera, Image and Territory” by Enric Ramiro, the “Geography, History, Heritage” collections by Abel Soler. In addition to being able to consult the publication, images, videos, interactive elements and interviews with the authors are included.

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La Ribera has Festivals declared as Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO, such as the Festival of Mare de Déu de la Salut, Algemesí, La Maerà d’Antella or La Tamborrada d’Alzira. You can discover these festivities in Riberana with immersive 360 degree videos. An important part of the intangible heritage is the oral memory collected in the section “Arxius de la Paraula Viva”.

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The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta offers virtual visits to the main museums of the Ribera. It offers 360 virtual visits to the Honey museum in Montroi, the Valencian Museum of Natural History, in Alginet, the Valencian Festival Museum, in Algemesí, or the Alzira museum complex with the MUMA , the EtnoMUMA, the faller museum and the Llavador, as well as the Casa del Bou d’Albalat.



The “Torres de la Ribera” or “the Hermitages of the Ribera” are two important collections offered by the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta and its Heritage department. In this section you can visit these thematic projects. The Torres de la Ribera includes buildings from the 9th to the 13th century. The hermitages of La Ribera cover a wide range of styles, from Reconquest Gothic to Neoclassicism.

Selection of elements of the heritage of Ribera Alta

We present a varied selection of the Patrimonies present in Ribera Alta


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Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta

The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta is a local entity that groups together all the municipalities of the Ribera Alta region. It is made up of 35 municipalities with a population of more than 220,000 inhabitants, distributed over a territory of 979.5 km².


Europe CD – Eta

The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta is part of the European project Interreg – Europe CD – Eta (Collaborative Digitization of Natural and Cultural Heritage) of heritage digitization, together with other partners from different European regions. As a result of its participation in the programme, the Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta set up a new Heritage Digitalisation department for the conservation of the cultural and natural wealth of La Ribera, a pioneering experience.